You dreamed it, we can do it

Our profession for more than four decades: creator of spaces, meanings and volumes.

The key word: TRUST

We support you in your project by favoring service and quality at each stage of your project. Thus, we are committed to meeting your expectations as well as possible, by putting all the skills of the ARCHITECTURAL FIRM at your service.

We carry out all types of assignments in the high-end architecture sector. We carry out any type of project: our multidisciplinary knowledge allows us to restore old buildings, to renovate quality heritage.

Luxury is space

From contemporary to traditional, from small to large project

Customizable house according to your desires

Thanks to our know-how, we can answer all your problems. Our team keeps up to date with the latest developments in architecture, design and construction, to meet your needs as closely as possible, for a house that suits you.

We design each project so that it is unique, and crosses the ages.

Quality at the heart of your home

We listen to all your desires to give you the best advice.

We rigorously select all our service providers, for their quality, their rigor and their mastery of old-fashioned building codes.

Our passion for building drives us to mix old buildings and modernity, for a modern design and a timeless approach.

Architecture is from all eras and in all territories

Each architect has his philosophy, his sensitivity, his reputation, his technical knowledge adapted to the project.

This is what allows our firm RL MOUSSAC to bring its expertise in the field of Architecture and to bring projects from the smallest to the largest to an exceptional quality, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. .

It is our common thread that guarantees project owners a top-of-the-range project at a controlled price and on time.

We make your dreams come true

Our philosophy

We want to make your home a space to live in, and not just to inhabit. We adapt your exterior and your interior taking into account who you are. We then restore each piece according to you.

We want you to be able to enjoy your outdoor space also in the off-season.


35 avenue de la République, 33120 Arcachon